Meditation Retreats At CSA Headquarters

Weekend and week long meditation retreats are offered from May through late autumn. Kriya yoga initiation is offered to prepared participants on Thursday afternoon during week long retreats. Donation basis. Guest house rooms provided.

Classes and workshops are presented by Roy Eugene Davis and CSA ministers.

Reservations are required.

All are welcome on a donation basis. Vegetarian meals served. If you will be staying off the grounds or driving here for the day, let us know of your plans to be with us. If you have not been here before, request our information brochure for details and travel directions (or see travel directions and map by selecting "Directions to CSA").

If you are new to our teaching emphasis, to derive maximum benefits, read Truth Journal and Mr. Davis' basic books before attending. Because our retreat programs are for quiet reflection and focused study, please do not bring friends or associates who are merely curious. Young adults are welcome if they are sincerely interested in participation.

Watch a video about CSA Retreats on the "Streaming Videos" page.
For directions to CSA select "Directions to CSA"
For accommodations in the area near to CSA headquarters select "Motels and Accommodations".
2017 Retreat Schedule

Week Long Retreats
June 12 - 16
July 10 - 14
August 14 - 18

Plan to arrive Saturday or Sunday before dark.
Programs begin on Monday morning with the 7 a.m. meditation and conclude Friday at noon after lunch.

Private Retreats
May 8-12 15-19 22-26
September 11-15 18-22 25-29

Plan to arrive Saturday or Sunday before dark.
Private retreats include a one hour morning meditation at 7 and 30 minute afternoon meditation at 2.
The remainder of the time is for private study, rest, contemplation and meditation.
Guests prepare their personal vegetarian meals in guest houses.

October 14 - 15
November 11 - 12

Saturday morning until Sunday 11 a.m. Arrive Friday before dark.

Holy Season Meditation
December 2 - 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Lunch follows