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The Potential is Within You Program with CD Set


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The Potential is Within You Program with Digital CD Set


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Paperback – January, 26 2023


The Potential is Within You:

A Self - Actualization and Goals Achievement Program

About this Book:

In these pages, I have shared methods and procedures found useful by successful people worldwide. How do I know this? Because I know nature is supported and continues due to inborn principles and laws. The inclination of nature, of life, is in the direction of awakening, unfoldment, creative expression, and the fulfillment of destined ends.

We have but to look about us in any natural setting to see this is so. Nature is driven by a powerful force in the direction of function and growth. The Soul of us, the real essence and being of us, is likewise driven in the direction of function and growth. We may attempt to deny the urge, but the urge will persist. We may, in many ways, try to remain unconscious of what is obvious but, sooner or later, we will have to confront the truth.

Publisher: C S A Press (January, 26 2023) | Language: English | Paperback: 283 pages
ISBN-10: 0877072515

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