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Roy Eugene Davis was born in 1931 in Leavittsburg, Ohio, approximately 40 miles south of Cleveland, and grew up in a farming community. In his early teenage years he frequented the public library, reading books on psychology, philosophy, and yoga.

Eighteen year old Roy Eugene Davis left his home on a farm in rural Ohio to meet the great saint Paramahansa Yogananda. The year was 1949, his destination, Los Angeles, was 2,400 miles away, he had $60 in his pocket, a small suitcase, and a certainty that he was following his destiny. He arrived on Christmas eve and was accepted for training and life as a monk.

After two years of personal training Yogananda instructed him to “Teach as I have taught, heal as I have healed, and initiate sincere seekers in Kriya Yoga.” For the next 68 years Mr. Davis followed his guru’s wishes, selflessly sharing guidelines for effective living and rapid spiritual growth with hundreds of thousands around the world.

After serving from the time Yogananda passed in 1952 until 1954 as the minister for the Self Realization Fellowship church in Phoenix, Arizona Mr. Davis left the monastic order. He served for two years as a medic in the army. After the army he began his teaching ministry, in America and abroad.

Most of his life was spent traveling to cities around the world to offer seminars and classes in meditation, yoga philosophy and purposeful living. He would visit 50 cities in the United States every year and made several trips to teach in Canada, Japan, Brazil, Germany, Ghana, England, Turkey, Italy and India.

A prolific writer, Mr. Davis wrote and published his Truth Journal Magazine for 52 years, and it will continue to be offered with his writings far into the future. He is the author of more than 50 books in English, many of which have been translated into 11 languages. His books include commentaries on the spiritual classics The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, The Bhagavad Gita, and Shankara’s treatise on Self Knowledge.

In 1972 he founded Center for Spiritual Awareness as his ministry headquarters and retreat facility. Situated on 11 acres in the natural beauty of northeast Georgia the center includes six guest houses, Meditation Hall/Dining Room complex, Bookstore, Library, Shrine of All Faiths Meditation Temple, the Learning Resource Center, offices, and a warehouse. 

Here sincere spiritual seekers find a peaceful respite from the circumstances and events of daily life, an opportunity to re-discover their own innate spiritual nature and their relationship with the larger reality commonly referred to as God. Mr. Davis saw every aspect of the CSA facility as an extension of his ministry and himself. His consciousness pervades in the buildings and on the grounds.

Many of his students around the world regarded Mr. Davis as their guru. The word guru literally means dispeller of darkness, or teacher. His manner was gentle, encouraging and supportive. He was always available to share, answering questions and counseling those in need. Positive and optimistic his advice was practical, direct and effective.

Since his passing in 2019, the CSA staff and personally trained ministers have continued his mission of teaching clear, effective spiritual practices which support complete awakening to Self- and God-Realization, and a prosperous and meaningful life. His teaching and ministry will continue far into the future. He left us with a wealth of insightful writing, ongoing publication of his Truth Journal Magazine, and an active retreat center staffed by longtime personal disciples and ordained ministers.

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