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2017 European Kriya Yoga Congress

The Second European Kriya Yoga Congress was held in Arenzano, Italy April 7-9, 2017.
Organized by Kriya Yoga Stella - Claudio Massettini, Barbara Zanella

Post date: Apr 19, 2017

New CD - Two Guided Meditation Practice Sessions

Two 30 minute guided meditation practice sessions with Roy Eugene Davis, recorded at Center for Spiritual Awareness headquarters during 2016 summer retreats, are now available on CD.

Post date: Jan 30, 2017

Holy Season Meditation

This year the Holy Season Meditation and lunch was well attended with more than 60 present.

Post date: Dec 15, 2016

Interview with Mr. Davis in English and Italian by Furio Sclano

In November of 2016 Furio Sclano interviews Roy Eugene Davis with questions regarding kriya yoga and the spiritual path.

Click here to watch

Post date: Nov 25, 2016

New Translations of Mr. Davis' Books in Turkish Language

The Spiritual Basis of Real Prosperity and Satisfying Our Innate Desire (To Know God) are now available in Turkish language editions thanks to the translation efforts of Sabiha Bethul and the publishing house Gazi Kitabevi.

Post date: Jun 1, 2016

Phil McLemore Interview with Mr. Davis

In February of 2016 Phil McLemore interviewed Mr. Davis regarding his spiritual life, practice, and his early years with Paramahansa Yogananda.
View here

Post date: Mar 16, 2016

The Yoga Hour Interview with Mr. Davis

Awakening through Kriya Yoga: In the Presence of Paramahansa Yogananda
Roy Eugene Davis
on The Yoga Hour Online Broadcast
Thursday, February 18, 8 am PT (10 am CT, 11 am ET)
The Yoga Hour

Post date: Feb 8, 2016

New Booklet in Bookstore

Words That Heal and Transform: Affirmations to Superconsciously Use to Bring Forth Innate Knowledge of Your Spiritual Nature and Higher Realities

Post date: Jan 28, 2016

Holy Season Meditation

Saturday December 5 the Holy Season Meditation was well attended. A short video was shown, lunch was served for all.

Post date: Dec 10, 2015

Books in Turkish Language

Seven of Mr. Davis' books have been translated into Turkish language editions.
See here http://turkish.csa-davis.org/?q=books

Post date: Sep 1, 2015


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