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Be Healed - Ron Lindahn

Radiant light through trees

We live in a universe that is manifesting following well-ordered laws and principles that can be observed and cooperated with.  Everything from the realm of sub-atomic particles to the ecosystem of our planet can be seen as a dance of creation.  And it is working perfectly on all levels.  We observe this magnificent perfection in the blossoming of a flower, in the smile on a baby's face, in the cycles of day and night, in the ability of our body to heal and in the way we often experience unexpected support and guidance.

Honorable Tradition - Ron Lindahn

Kriya Yoga Gurus

We acknowledge and honor our mentor, friend, beloved guru, Roy Eugene Davis. His words come to us like tiny rafts carrying the precious cargo of his consciousness to nourish our souls. Just as last nights meal of rice and lentils, summer squash and sweet potato have been assimilated, and metabolized, nourishing and becoming part of our physical being, in the same way his shared consciousness has been assimilated, and metabolized, becoming an essential part of of our being. He now lives within us as us.