International Center for Spiritual Awareness Ministers* and Meditation Group Leaders

Some of them conduct weekly meetings and scheduled seminars;
others conduct meetings on a random schedule.


Klaus Reiter
St. Marienkirchen: Klaus Reiter*. 00436509372693
Mr. Reiter conducts weekly meditation meetings.


Raquel Barros
Praia do Rosa/Santa Catarina: Raquel Fischer Barros*.


Duncan, BC: Edith Goss*. 250-746-0116

Vancouver, BC: Ernest Wenzel*. 604-885-7495


Recoleta, Santiago: Chris* & Carolina* Sartain.


London: Stephen Sturgess*. 0208 696 9832
Kriya Meditation/satsang meetings: Every Tuesday and Friday evening at 7.30pm.

Somerset: Paul Sinclair. 0789 065 1590
Kriya Yoga Centre (UK)


Harald & Marlise Reiske
Passau: Harald* and Marlies* Reiske.
Kriya Yoga Center
Goerlitzer Str. 14,
94036 Passau
Telephone (0851) 54283
Disciples in the kriya yoga tradition for many years, Mr. and Mrs. Reiske lead weekly meditation meetings, offer seminars, and organize Mr. Davis' seminars in Germany. Contact them for our books in English and German and a quarterly German edition of Transcendence Newsletter.

Maxhutte-Haidhof: Stefan* and Helga* Greiler.
Telephone: 09471/31514
Meditation: Thursday - 7:30 p.m.


Derisanamcope: Dr. L. Mahadevan.

Jaipur: Kamlesh K. Sharma.


Giovanni Formisano
Milan: Giovanni Formisano.
Kriya Yoga Ashram

Claudio Cedolin
Mestre - Venezia: Claudio Cedolin*. +393470564778
Centro Yoga Studium

Luca Migliaccio
Rome-Ronciglione: Luca Migliaccio*. +393384934528
Kriya Yoga Brahmarandra Center
Meditation seminars and classes - see web site for schedule.

Furio Sclano
Savona: Furio Sclano*. 393498335768
Centro Kriya Yoga Stella
Mr. Sclano conducts meditation seminars and classes, has translated several of Mr. Davis' books for Italian publication, and organizes Mr. Davis' programs in Italy.

Claudio Massettini
Barbara Zanella
Stella: Claudio Massettini* & Barbara Zanella*.
Barbara and Claudio conduct a weekly meditation and offer seminars in the kriya yoga tradition at Centro Kriya Yoga Stella.
For more information and schedule visit their web site.

Davide Riccio
Modena: Davide Riccio*. +39 333.72.66.229


Luca Oppizzi
Villars-sur-Glane: Luca Oppizzi*.
Centre Kriya Yoga Fribourg
Route de Moncor 15
1752 Villars-s-Glâne
Fribourg, Suisse
Mr. Oppizzi offers meditation seminars, classes and conducts bi-weekly meditation meetings. Visit the web site listed above for a schedule of programs.


Sabhia Betul
Ankara: Sabiha Betul*.
Mrs. Betul offers meditation seminars, classes and conducts regular meditation meetings. Visit the web site listed above for a schedule of programs.