CSA Calendar of Online Programs (Eastern time) click event for details

Headquarters Retreats, Seminars, & Sunday Services
Worldwide Meditation & Yoga Classes

AM Meditation & Inspiration w/ Wilma Berger

Lahiri Mahasaya Online Event

Holy Season Meditation with Senior Minister Ryan Phillip Strong

AM Memorial Service for Ron Lindahn

AM Meditation & Inspiration w/Wilma Berger

AM Meditation Wilma/Walter Berger

AM Meditation & Inspiration w/Chris Sartain

Honoring Roy Eugene Davis' Mahasamadhi - Meditation and Conversation w/Clifford, Ron, Marty and Ryan

Weekend Seminar "Developing a Personal Relationship with God" led by Leode Franklin with Pascale Chambers and Ryan Strong

Weekend Seminar "Creative Imagination" Led by Katherine Lovkay w/Sandra Nomer & Carleton Maddox & Toni Selvey-Maddox

Weekend Seminar "Silence" Led by Marty Wuttke w/Sam Sasu and Leode Franklin

Weekend Seminar "Ayurveda: The Natural Way to Wholeness" w/Ryan Strong, Ray Booker & Leslie Hanks

AM Meditation & Inspiration w/Walter Berger

AM Meditation & Inspiration w/Marty Wuttke

Weekend Retreat Led by Clifford Rosen "Life Surrendered in God"

Webinar with Ron Lindahn - Enlivening the Chakras and Affirmation for Transformation

AM Meditation & Inspiration w/Klaus Reiter

Retreat Workshop w/Mauro Gioia "God is the Law of Compassion: How to cooperate with Him.

Weekend Seminar "Kriya Yoga Lifestyle and Practice" Led by Board President Clifford Rosen w/Ron Lindahn & Marty Wuttke

Weekend Seminar "Conscious Living" Led by Marty Wuttke w/Katherine Lovkay & Clifford Rosen

Winter Weekend Seminar "Prosperity" Led by Ryan Strong w/Leode Franklin & Michael Gadway

AM Meditation & Inspiration w/Katherine Geddes

PM Webinar with Ron Lindahn "Be Prosperous in All Aspects of Your Life"

AM Meditation Walter/Wilma Berger

PM Hatha Yoga w/Julie Barrier

Hatha Yoga Class w/Julie Caroline

AM Meditation w/Joan Craig

PM Webinar with Ron Lindahn "Understanding Your True Nature"

AM Meditation & Inspiration w/Michael Gadway

AM Meditation & Inspiration w/Leode Franklin

AM Meditation & Inspiration w/Marty Wuttke

AM Meditation & Inspiration w/Walter Berger

PM Retreat Workshop w/Katherine Geddes Lovekay "Our World: So Advanced Yet So Immature. Why?"

PM Webinar with Ron Lindahn "Techniques for Conscious Expansion of Awareness"

AM Meditation Walter/Wilma Berger

AM Meditation w/Kathleen Rehling

PM Meditation w/Linda Weser

Kriya Yoga Seminar w/Furio & Manuela

PM Retreat Workshop - Walter & Wilma Berger "Yogi-Scorecard - Observing the self"

Retreat Workshop - Ryan Strong “Increasing Inner Awareness Though Pratyahara”

AM Retreat Workshop w/Marty Wuttke "Living in Balance"

PM Workshop w/Graziella Fioretti " Spiritual Education: a matter of teacher’s mind & calm feeling"

AM Workshop w/Michael Gadway "The History, Context & Structure of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras"

PM Retreat Workshop w/Clifford Rosen "The Spiritual Basis of Real Prosperity - Part 2"

PM Retreat Workshop w/Gloria Donohue "Understanding The Gunas"

PM Retreat Workshop w/Ryan Strong “Ojas and Ayurveda, understanding and cultivating our physical and mental vitality for Kriya Yoga”

PM Retreat Workshop w/Ryan Strong “Understanding Ourselves Through the Planets of Vedic Astrology”

AM Meditation and Inspiration w/Leode Franklin

Meditation & Inspiration w/Katherine Geddes-Lovkay

Morning Meditation & Inspiration w/Michael Gadway

PM Retreat Workshop w/Marty Wuttke "Calming the Waves"

PM Online Retreat Workshop w/Clifford Rosen “The Spiritual Basis of Real Prosperity”

PM Online Retreat Workshop w/Claudio Cedolin "The nine steps of bhakti"

PM Retreat Workshop w/Leode Franklin "Your Real Nature"

PM Retreat Workshop w/Michael Gadway "The Fundamentals of Nutrition"

PM Retreat workshop w/Barbara Zanella "Living Dharma fully"

Holy Season Meditation with CSA Minister Marty Wuttke

AM Retreat Workshop w/Ron Lindahn "Kriya Yoga as Lifestyle"

Retreat Workshop w/Furio Sclano "Spiritual growth through the spiritual path: the story of the naïve King and his four wives"

Retreat Workshop w/Leode Franklin "Enhancing our Spiritual Path"

AM Retreat Morning Session w/Ron Lindahn "Life of Awakening"

Morning Meditation & Inspiration w/Clifford Rosen

Morning Meditation & Inspiration w/Ryan Strong

Online Morning Meditation w/Marty Wuttke

AM Online Morning Meditation w/ Leode Franklin

PM Retreat Workshop Klaus Riter "Regular Meditation"

Retreat Workshop w/Chris Sartain "The Disidentification with the False self"

PM Webinar with Ron Lindahn “Fulfill Your Life-Enhancing Desires”

PM Retreat Workshop w/Ryan Strong “Living Bhakti for Awakening and Health”

Retreat Workshop w/Marty Wuttke "The Transformation of the Brain & Nervous System through Kriya Yoga"

PM Retreat Workshop Luca Oppizzi

PM Online Workshop w/ Michael Gadway "Understanding Karma"

PM Retreat Workshop Pascale Chambers "The Art of Contentment"

Webinar w/ Ron Lindahn "Processes of Cosmic Manifestation"

Online Workshop w/Ryan Strong "Working with Karma to be Healthy, Happy, Prosperous and Spiritually Awake"

AM Sunday Service w/Stella Wuttke

Online Memorial Service for CSA Minister John Earl