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The Essence of Yoga

An Informal Talk by Roy Eugene Davis
An explanation of classical Yoga systems with emphasis on Kriya Yoga philosophy and practices, meditation, and stages of spiritual awakening to complete Self-realization.
Recorded During a Summer Meditation Retreat at CSA Headquarters

The Essence of Yoga DVD

Intimations of Destiny

Informal Talks by Roy Eugene Davis During a Meditation Retreat, October 2017

Intimations are clues, signs, or indications that something is going to happen. Destined events are inevitable or unavoidable because certain to occur.

In 1949 Roy Eugene Davis traveled from the northeast Ohio farm community where he grew up to Los Angeles, California, to be with his guru.
Two years later he was empowered to represent the ancient Kriya Yoga tradtion.
He is the only disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda still teaching and initiating.

Intimations of Destiny DVD