Two hour Meditation w/Marty Wuttke

First Saturday of the month 2 hour Meditations with Marty Wuttke

Longer meditation sessions have a refining and transformational effect on the brain and nervous system. Brain networks associated with focus, quieting, contentment, attention and concentration are literally trained and strengthened as a result of regular superconscious meditation practice – longer sessions will deepen and boost the effects because of the brains inherent neuroplasticity (the brain's ability to reorganize synaptic connections when attention is directed to a certain mode of thinking/being or behaving). Join us the first Saturday of each month for a two-hour meditation from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM ET. This will be broadcast from the CSA meditation hall and all are welcome.

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Marty Wuttke is a CSA minister and internationally renowned specialist in neurotherapy. He has been involved with researching the brain and consciousness for 35 years applying the principles of yoga science in meditation centers, hospital settings, clinical practice and criminal rehabilitation. His recent publication, The Brain Sutras: Keys to the Revealed Consciousness, provides a basis for understanding consciousness as it manifests through the brain and nervous system as well as the description and application of meditation tools.

Marty Wuttke