Be Healed - Ron Lindahn

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Radiant light through trees

We live in a universe that is manifesting following well-ordered laws and principles that can be observed and cooperated with.  Everything from the realm of sub-atomic particles to the ecosystem of our planet can be seen as a dance of creation.  And it is working perfectly on all levels.  We observe this magnificent perfection in the blossoming of a flower, in the smile on a baby's face, in the cycles of day and night, in the ability of our body to heal and in the way we often experience unexpected support and guidance.

 Why is it that in a perfect, ordered universe we experience suffering?  Are experiences of conflict, physical challenge, problems in relationships, feelings of lack and limitation, stress, anxiety, fear and separation evidence that all is not in order?  Are there forces of chaos and disorder that are running counter to the perfect unfolding of life?  A careful examination of the nature of our suffering will reveal that it often results not from imaginary forces of chaos and disorder, but rather it is the effect of our perspective and the choices we make.

Physicians report that seventy five percent of all the problems they treat are caused by, or related to, the effects of stress.  Stress alters the functioning of our physical systems.  It impairs digestion and elimination, releases excess sugar into the bloodstream, raises blood pressure and stops our immune system.  This is useful if we are facing a threat and need to optimize our ability to either fight or flee.  fighting or fleeing neutralizes the stress hormones that alter internal processes.  Chronic stress resulting from fear, worry, perceived threats (rather than real ones), anger, overwork, depletion of vitality and insufficient rest creates a hardship on all of our internal organs and processes.  Since we neither fight or flee our system remains on alert all of the time.  Eventually internal organs, systems and processes begin to break down and malfunction.

We may also experience challenges resulting from accidents, genetic predisposition, acts of others and nature.  While we may not have direct responsibility for creating the resulting conditions, we are responsible for how we deal with them.  We can choose not to be victims, but to see conditions for what they are, without reacting, and initiate a course of action to relieve suffering and bring balance and harmony to the situation.

When we are in need of healing in some area of our lives the place to begin is within.  We first need to re-establish a connection with the perfect, unlimited, radiant being that we are.  Our essential nature is pure consciousness expressing through a mind and body in relation with this same consciousness in other forms of expression as individuals and our universe.  When we operate from this radiant essence of our being we are in harmony with the forces of creation and our healing unfolds quickly and without great effort.

 Awakening to an awareness of our essential nature is accomplished through prayer, meditation, study, mindful living and an acknowledgement of ourselves as part of the wholeness of life, the One Reality we refer to as God.  Prayer can be thought of as talking to God.  However we conceive God to be, we can maintain an ongoing conversation with it in order to assist in opening our awareness to this "higher power."  Meditation is the practice of allowing the mind to come clear (to cease repeating stories, analyzing, rationalizing and replaying memories) and then resting in the experience of pure consciousness - bright and aware, but not thinking.  We study to learn about the nature of consciousness, how things really work, and about the nature of the One Reality.  Mindful living is the art of paying attention to what we are doing, remaining focused in the present moment, not allowing our attention to become fragmented and distracted and using our powers of discrimination to see things as they are.  Acknowledging our relationship with the wholeness of life is accomplished through inference; observing that we are designed to express perfectly and the supportive nature of the universe - and through experience; opening ourselves to the feeling that we are an inseparable expression of life.

Once we have taken the first step in coming back into an awareness of what we really are - a spiritual being in a spiritual universe - then we take practical action to relieve suffering.  This practical action takes the form of creating an environment that will support our healing.

To support our physical system we require sufficient rest, regular exercise, proper nutrition, conservation of our vital forces, avoidance of toxins in our food and environment and a lifestyle that is in harmony with our constitution.  Our mental system is supported through feelings of peace, balance and harmony with our environment and in our relationships, suspending judgment of ourselves and others, forgiveness, releasing feelings of anger, guilt, fear, worry, insecurity and the sense of separation (ego).  Our whole being is supported through the practice of meditation and through mindful living with a positive, optimistic attitude.

In conjunction with adjustments in lifestyle and thinking to produce a nurturing supportive environment for healing, we can use the process of creative visualization to empower the transformation we seek.  Because our mind is a portion of the One Mind, whatever we clearly envision and feel to be true for ourselves creates a pattern through which the creative forces of the universe flow and manifest.  We simply see and feel the conditions we desire to have manifest in our lives as already existing.  Even though external conditions may still appear to need healing, if we can hold to an inner conviction that they are transformed they will be.

It is important to have clearly defined goals.  Then in a relaxed mental state, just before going to sleep or at the conclusion of our meditation session, we can visualize circumstances and events that imply the accomplishment of our goal and have the accompanying feeling that it is done.  Following this we live with faith (evidence of things unseen) that the power of the universe is actively working to meet our needs and fulfill our desires.  Anxiety, doubt and fear create conflicting patterns, which interfere with the natural process of fulfillment, so must be avoided.

I see you now in perfect health, happy, happy, fulfilled and prosperous.
Love and unceasing blessings,
Ron Lindahn