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Kriya Yoga Gurus

We acknowledge and honor our mentor, friend, beloved guru, Roy Eugene Davis. His words come to us like tiny rafts carrying the precious cargo of his consciousness to nourish our souls. Just as last nights meal of rice and lentils, summer squash and sweet potato have been assimilated, and metabolized, nourishing and becoming part of our physical being, in the same way his shared consciousness has been assimilated, and metabolized, becoming an essential part of of our being. He now lives within us as us.

And his consciousness was in turn nourished and transformed by the living presence of Yoganandaji, who was fed by Sriyukteswarji, Lahiri Baba, Mahamuni Babaji, and an unbroken chain of spiritual masters extending back into timeless existence. All now alive within each of us.
Just as our DNA is the result of a continuum of accumulated evolutionary knowledge with origins in the beginning of the expression of life on this planet, our enlightened consciousness is the result of the evolutionary wisdom passed along to us from the saints and sages of all times. Each one building upon the foundation of predecessors.

Time has seen the evolution of DNA from expressing as single celled creatures, to the miraculous forms we now use as human beings. Time has also seen the evolution of consciousness from a primitive sense of wonder at the forces of nature, and awe in the processes of life, to complete Self- and God-realization.
We have all been blessed to have the direct transmission of Mr. Davis’ consciousness through his written words, his teaching in person, through audio and video recordings, and from the personal example of his life of dedicated, selfless service. We have been fed. To the degree that we have been open, we have been transformed, remade. And His living presence within us continues its work of awakening us to deeper and more profound realization of our essential nature as perfect, immortal spiritual beings.