There Are No Limits

January 13, 2013

Those who are interested in mild improvements in their lives—in reducing stress and functioning more effectively—will be pleasantly assisted to these ends as they apply themselves to meditation practice and make necessary adjustments in mental attitude and lifestyle. If aspiration is more soul-directed, there are no limits to the inner transformations which can result or to the unfoldments of knowledge and realizations of transcendental realities which can be actualized.

Knowing how to proceed on the awakening path is the first stage in the process. Following through with determined resolve is the second, which is empowered by choice and assures success. God, being omnipresent, is where we are, as a field of infinite consciousness. God, as the Reality of us, is to be thus acknowledged and apprehended. And there is grace: the influential support of the worlds, which impels us to our highest good.

Speak this positive affirmation:

God, being omnipresent, is right here, where I am,
and grace impels me to my highest good.

Have a good day . . . and a great life!