God is not a Person

June 15, 2014

Being a field of consciousness, God is not a person. During early stages of spiritual inquiry it is common for aspirants with a devotional temperament to personalize God as a father, mother, or a higher power which cares for each person. If this is one’s approach to understanding and experiencing God, and one’s devotion is sincere, a response is drawn from the field of God that may be interpreted as an answer to prayer. In this way, a devotee can have a personalized relationship with God until sufficiently God-realized to clearly know God’s true nature and actions. Prayer response, or having needs met without asking for assistance, does not prove that God cares for us as we understand caring expressed by one person to another. The situation and the process does not need to be analyzed and explained: if the relationship satisfies the seeking heart, with results following, that is sufficient. Complete understanding will unfold with illumination of consciousness. When the reality of God is known, all else that needs to be known will be revealed.

Speak this positive affirmation:

As I meditate every day my understanding and knowledge of God unfolds.

Have a good day . . . and a great life!