Basic Meditation Practice

April 27, 2014

Sit in your preferred meditation posture. Practice a few rounds of alternate nostril breathing to help you get centered and settled.

Invoke an awareness of the presence of God. This can be done by silent acknowledgment or by verbal or silent prayer. If you pray, let it be simple and sincere, from the heart, from your innermost core of Being. If you identify with a religious or enlightenment tradition, take a moment to think of the saints in your tradition.

Remember from the outset of meditation that you are a spiritual being grounded in the Infinite. Knowledge is innate to you. You are an individualized expression of Supreme Consciousness. Consciousness has knowledge of itself. Therefore, you have knowledge of your real nature, God, and universal processes. This knowledge will awaken as you meditate. Meditate to remove your awareness from body and mind identification so that knowledge can unfold and Self-realization can blossom. Be very clear in your mind and consciousness that you are not to strive to attain Self-realization—you are only to let yourself awaken to it.

Proceed with your preferred meditation technique or routine. If practicing for only 30 minutes or so, use one meditation technique and allow time to rest in the tranquil silence. If meditating a little longer, you may start with one technique, such as mantra, rest in the silence for a while, then use another technique of your choice before concluding with an interlude of stillness and your preferred procedure for ending the session.

Speak this positive affirmation:

I am a spiritual being grounded in the Infinite. I am an individualized expression of Supreme Consciousness.

Have a good day . . . and a great life!