Effective Prayer

April 20, 2014

If you want to pray for anyone, or share your enlightened consciousness with others in a more specific way, think of the person or persons with whom you want to share. Know that where they are, God is, just as where you are, God is. Therefore, you don’t have to think about “sending” good thoughts or energies through space.

Remain established in awareness of the presence of God for yourself, then know on behalf of others that God’s expressive life is the operant power. God’s grace contributes to the spiritual awakening of others, and to any necessary psychological transformations and adjustments of circumstances and relationships, always in divine order for the highest good of all concerned. You are actually working within your own consciousness to realize that this is so, and sharing your realization with persons whom you include in your mind and consciousness. Continue this contemplative process until you feel Self-complete and know absolutely that all is well now. Be thankful. Be happy. Release the results to God’s will. The will, the inclination of God expressing, is always in the direction of orderly growth and fulfillment.

Conclude your meditation practice session when you feel inclined to do so.

Speak this positive affirmation:

Everything is always divine order, expressing for the highest good of all concerned.

Have a good day . . . and a great life!