Concluding Your Regular Practice Session

April 6, 2014

When concluding your practice session, let your meditative calm blend with your mental processes. Feel that superconscious influences are pervading your mental field: ordering its actions and contributing to entirely constructive mental states and thoughts. Feel that your mind is illumined by your soul light. Be self-reminded that your mind is a portion of Cosmic Mind, God’s Mind. Your mental states, thoughts, desires, and intentions interact with Cosmic Mind. Your mind is a conduit, an outlet through which divine intentions expressed through Cosmic Mind can be manifested. Be involved for as long as necessary, until you feel inclined to move to the next phase.

Let meditative calm pervade your physical body. Feel that superconscious forces are influential in strengthening the body’s immune system, enlivening the nervous system, slowing biological aging processes, ordering the actions of organs, glands, and systems, and awakening regenerative energies.

Speak this positive affirmation:

When I conclude my meditation I feel superconscious influences pervading my mind and body ordering and balancing its actions and processes.

Have a good day . . . and a great life!