Contemplation Leads to Higher States of Consciousness

March 16, 2014

When engaged in contemplative meditation for the purpose of direct experience of higher states of consciousness, gently contemplate what you desire to experience while being relaxed and allowing unfoldments to occur. Preliminary states of Self-realization include perceptions of light, bliss, or modified states of superconsciousness. When so identified with the experience that you feel you are light, bliss, Om, or whatever was formerly contemplated, know this to be spiritually beneficial while not the ultimate state you aspire to realize.

An experience of oneness with an aspect of consciousness, or an enjoyable but fixed state of consciousness, can be transformative but should be transcended. This kind of experience is described as superconsciousness with support. It is a superconscious experience but is limited because identified with something. A higher state is pure awareness with knowledge, without attachment to anything external to itself. Even this, as enlightening as it is, is not the highest condition. Beyond it is total, conscious realization that persists at all times, when we are engaged in meditation and when we are involved with everyday activities and relationships.

With awakened spiritual consciousness, exceptional soul abilities may also unfold. With knowledge, you will know how and when to use these, and when not to. Because no longer egocentric, you will acknowledge that you have no personal power: that you are a ray of God’s consciousness and all power is God’s.

Speak this positive affirmation:

Awakened and knowledgeable, I acknowledge that my consciousness is a ray of god’s consciousness and that all power flows through me from God.

Have a good day . . . and a great life!