Meditate to Know Your True Nature as a Spiritual Being

November 10, 2013

Meditation can be used with benefit by anyone. The more you consciously practice, the more proficient you will become. You will find that your innate urge to have your awareness restored to conscious realization of oneness will motivate and guide you during meditation practice and when you are performing your duties.

Be patient and allow yourself time to learn about spiritual growth processes by personal experience. It is also a good idea to avoid preoccupation with visions or other perceptions or sensations which interfere with progressive unfoldments of soul awareness. Visions perceived during meditation are similar to dreams that occur during ordinary sleep and are symptoms of emotional discontent or mental restlessness.

While meditation can be an enjoyable experience, the purpose of meditation is not to create a pleasant emotional state and become attached to it. Enjoy meditation practice, remembering that the aim is higher knowledge along with Self-realization, not continued involvement with minor ecstasies. Whatever is experienced or perceived, if it is subject to change, is not the ultimate realization we aspire to actualize. Whenever tempted to become attached to meditation perceptions, ask yourself, “Who is experiencing this?” You will then be reminded that you are the experiencer and the observer, therefore, superior to what is perceived. Desire to know your true nature as a spiritual being independent of objects of perception.

Speak this positive affirmation:

I meditate every day to realize my true nature as a spiritual being independent of objects of perception.

Have a good day . . . and a great life!