Mantra Supports Deep, Satisfying Meditation Practice

November 3, 2013

Use the word, word-phrase, or sound you have chosen for your practice, introduce it into your field of awareness and listen to it. Let your attention become fully engaged. Within a few minutes, you will no longer be aware of physical restlessness or discomfort, or of moods or random thoughts: you will be absorbed in the mantra. Remain alert and watchful even as you participate in the process. Avoid passivity, sleepiness, or daydreaming. Be alert and attentive while relaxed and surrendered to meditation.

Continue until you experience the peak phase of practice during which you are peaceful and soul content. Rest at this phase, letting the deep peace beneficially influence your mind and body. If you are meditating for the psychological and physiological benefits only, or for rest and renewal, enjoy this level of tranquil calm until you feel inclined to conclude your practice.

If you are meditating for the purpose of experiencing higher superconscious states and for more profound contemplation of transcendental realities, after becoming stable at this phase of internalized peacefulness, go deeper.

When you feel inclined to conclude, be aware of your thoughts, feelings, and senses. Sit for a few moments to allow a smooth transition from inner focusing to outer acknowledgment of your environment. Then go about your usual routine, maintaining inner awareness of your spiritual nature and the calmness unfolded during meditation.

Speak this positive affirmation:

Alert and attentive, I relax and surrender to my meditation practice until I am peaceful and soul content.

Have a good day . . . and a great life!