Have No Anxiety About the Outcome of Your Meditation Process

August 18, 2013

However you approach meditation, have no anxiety about the outcome. Anxiety causes stress which interferes with the meditation process. Use any preliminary process you find helpful to internalize your attention, then let the results happen naturally. Let your ego—your sense of individual selfhood—dissolve. Do not carry your ego-demands into the meditation process. If you do, you may be inclined to try to force results. You may create an altered mental state which may be falsely assumed to be a superconscious state, or indulge in feelings or moods to create a condition of artificial happiness.

For soul awareness to be authentic it must be allowed to unfold. Any created mental or emotional state is not true spiritual awareness; it is only a condition produced by personal endeavor or imagination. Superconsciousness is outside the range of mind and emotions. Whether using prayer or any other technique as your approach to meditation, use the technique to remove attention and awareness from physical and mental processes, then renounce personal effort and contemplate higher possibilities with an attitude of gentle anticipation and watchfulness, allowing unfoldments to occur naturally and spontaneously.

Speak this positive affirmation:

Letting go of expectations for results in my practice I allow unfoldments to occur naturally and spontaneously.

Have a good day . . . and a great life!