Make an Honest Effort to Live a Self-responsible, Moral, Healthy Life

August 4, 2013

There is only one way to enlightenment—and that is to awaken from simple consciousness to self-consciousness, superconsciousness, cosmic consciousness, God-consciousness, and transcendental consciousness. Procedures used to enable us to live in harmony with natural forces and to make ourselves responsive to spiritual growth impulses are universally applicable: they are basic, and suitable for all people regardless of who they are or what their outer circumstances might be. It is recommended that one who is sincerely interested in spiritual growth make an honest effort to live a self-responsible, moral, healthy life, as this will ensure harmony with the environment, contribute to psychological and physical wellness, and provide a firm foundation for spiritual growth.

One who is intentional on the spiritual growth path is advised to be compassionate and harmless in relationships; truthful and honest; wise in the use of vital powers; responsible in actions; and successful in endeavors while avoiding egocentric attitudes and attachments to persons, things, circumstances, or the results of personal actions.

The internal disciplines include purity of attitude and intention; contentment in all circumstances; necessary self-analysis and attitudinal and behavioral changes which can contribute to psychological transformation (to rid one of all conflicts and mental and emotional restrictions to the actualization of soul awareness); profound study of the natural sciences (in order to live in right relationship with the world and function successfully in it) and metaphysical principles (to acquire understanding of the nature of consciousness, God, soul, and spiritual growth processes); and to trust in and surrender to evolutionary processes and God’s grace.

Speak this positive affirmation:

Living mindfully, I make an honest effort to live a self-responsible, moral, healthy life.

Have a good day . . . and a great life!