Clear the Mental Field of Transformations

July 28, 2013

Steady flowing of attention to the field of unmodified Existence-Being is the purest, most direct form of meditation. Behind our thoughts and emotions, this field exists as self-complete wholeness. Any preliminary procedure that enables us to remove awareness from distractions and awaken to transcendental realities is a useful meditation practice.

The ideal procedure is one which enables the meditator to accomplish the purpose of practice efficiently and quickly. The aim of procedure is to clear the mental field of the transformations and changes which ordinarily persist during states of consciousness other than when the most refined states of superconsciousness prevail.

The only prerequisites for practicing meditation are sincere interest, sufficient intelligence to understand the procedure, ability to follow recommended guidelines, and willingness to practice. The procedure can be learned in less than an hour; acquiring proficiency will require as much time as necessary for the purpose of practice to be accomplished. Progress will be slow, moderate, or rapid, depending on one’s intention, participation, and the transformational changes which have to occur to allow innate knowledge and awareness to unfold or be Self-revealed. The important matter is to learn how to proceed, then begin. Nothing useful will be accomplished without purposeful endeavor.

Speak this positive affirmation:

Disregarding all distraction, I flow my attention to the field of unmodified Existence-Being.

Have a good day . . . and a great life!