Be Self-sufficient

July 14, 2013

At the level of soul awareness we are truly Self-sufficient because of knowing ourselves to be free souls, grounded in the unbounded field of Supreme Consciousness. The key to Self-sufficiency is to remain centered in Self-realization while performing all actions. Then, not only are our actions precisely appropriate for the occasion, we also experience a supportive relationship with the universe and demonstrate in our lives that the universe provides for us when we are in harmony with it.

All binding attachments, addictions, dependencies, and conditions which were once obstacles to creative living—including self-defeating attitudes, behaviors and relationships—disappear with awakening to subjective knowledge and the emergence of clear understanding. Contemplative meditation provides the ideal opportunity to remove awareness from restricting circumstances so that conscious experience of Self-sufficiency can be actualized. My purpose in explaining these matters is to encourage you to be completely functional and to awaken from all restrictions and live freely. I want to awaken you to your innate immortality so that you can be consciously anchored in the Infinite.

Speak this positive affirmation:

I am completely functional, living freely, awakened from all restrictions.

Have a good day . . . and a great life!