Meditation Reduces Stress

June 2, 2013

Because of deep relaxation and the physiological and psychological changes that occur during meditation, physical tension and mental anxiety fade as stress is reduced. Even if one is not presently interested in spiritual growth, meditation practiced for twenty or thirty minutes once or twice a day for the stress-reducing effects will greatly improve mental attitude and physical function and make it easier to accomplish purposes and to enjoy life. The life-suppressing effects of hypertension are well-documented.

We must also remember that we are more than physical creatures: we are Spirit-mind-body events occurring in space-time. We cannot deny the effects of brain chemistry and hormonal influences on our physiology and emotions when we are body-mind identified, for we have all experienced them. We should know, however, that there are ways to restore the body to a state of balance:

  • by self-determined adjustment of mental attitude, moods, and behaviors;
  • by choosing a food plan most suitable for our basic constitution;
  • by adhering to a sensible program of exercise, rest, intentional living, and spiritual practices.
  • When we choose to be more conscious and knowledgeable, we can discover that Spirit is superior to mind and body, that mental and physical conditions can be adjusted and organized, and that choices can be made in relationship to behaviors which can beneficially influence body chemistry and restore it to balance. Meditation can be a foundation practice that enhances spiritual awareness, directly influences mind and body in entirely constructive ways, and empowers us to knowledgeable, Self-determined actions.

    Speak this positive affirmation:

    Meditation influences my mind and body in entirely constructive ways, empowering me to knowledgeable, Self-determined action.

    Have a good day . . . and a great life!