Practice Contemplative Meditation

May 19, 2013

To contemplate is to look at, to examine, to meditate on something for the purpose of discovery. When concentration progresses to undisturbed meditation, and meditation results in awakening which provides insight, one’s practice of contemplative meditation is successful. For this process to be facilitated, the meditator needs to be alert and attentive. Partially conscious or passive participation in meditation practice will not produce satisfactory results.
Keep in mind that personal response to meditation and the beneficial unfoldments which can be actualized are almost always more immediate and satisfying when meditation practice is included in a balanced program of conscious, intentional living. Ever alert to the importance of being purposeful, all of our endeavors should be chosen with knowledge of why we implement them. Actions will then be chosen which are essential to our purposes, and actions which are not, can be disregarded. This approach greatly simplifies our lives, providing opportunities for personal fulfillment and spiritual enrichment in the most efficient manner.

Speak this positive affirmation:

I make choices and engage in actions that are useful while avoiding those that are not useful.

Have a good day . . . and a great life!