Superconsciousness Leads to Self- and God-Realization

May 12, 2013

When superconsciousness prevails during ordinary self-conscious awareness when one is not meditating, incidents of cosmic consciousness can occur, resulting in vivid awareness of oneness or wholeness. The varied manifestations of life are then apprehended as being expressions of a single, unified reality. Because of increasingly clear states of consciousness that unfold, one more quickly awakens from illusions—from misperceptions that cause mental confusion—and from mental transformations which would ordinarily interfere with rational thinking and skillful use of intellectual powers. With the dawning of cosmic consciousness, insights into the reality of God and realizations of God naturally unfold.

As Self-realization becomes more pronounced, realization that one’s essential nature is an expression of God’s consciousness becomes more vivid. This can occur gradually, or it can happen suddenly. While patiently undergoing transformative growth episodes on the spiritual path, it is also helpful to be open to the possibility of instantaneous illumination of consciousness. Our spiritual growth is not entirely due to our personal efforts. Our sincere desire for spiritual growth, our readiness for spiritual growth that we may not be consciously aware of, and the actions of grace can be influential.

Speak this positive affirmation:

My essential nature is an expression of God’s consciousness. I am open to the supportive actions of grace in my spiritual awakening.

Have a good day . . . and a great life!