Experience Superconsciousness

May 5, 2013

When sufficiently, consciously internalized, the meditator experiences spontaneous unfoldments of relatively pure levels of awareness, referred to as superconsciousness—this, in contrast to the states of consciousness ordinarily experienced: unconsciousness, subconscious states, and normal waking self-consciousness. Superconscious states are degrees of soul awareness which may be influenced by mental and emotional conditions during preliminary stages of meditation practice.

As meditation progresses, superconscious states become refined. With physical relaxation and internalization of attention, one experiences emotional peace and mental calmness: not as a result of suppression of feelings and thoughts, but as a result of their being quieted. The meditator, while enjoying an interlude of calm, may wonder if it is a valid superconscious episode. After successive practice sessions, confidence improves and beneficial effects of superconscious experiences are noticed and validated. With acquired proficiency, the meditator learns to abandon self-consciousness to superconsciousness without doubting its authenticity.

With further internalization of attention, awareness of physical sensations and mental transformations ceases. Expanded states of superconscious awareness then naturally unfold. During this phase of meditation practice one can continue to be surrendered to the process, letting the soul’s innate intelligence direct it—or contemplation of higher realities can be gently implemented while remaining open and responsive to spontaneous adjustments of states of consciousness in the direction of transcendental realizations. During the process, the meditator is fully alert, is not subject to illusions or hallucinations, and can conclude the practice session at will by deciding to do so.

Speak this positive affirmation:

Abandoning self-consciousness, I experience more refined states of superconscious awareness.

Have a good day . . . and a great life!