The Primary Purpose of Meditation Practice is Self-Realization

March 24, 2013

Self-Realization is conscious awareness of ourselves as spiritual beings, validated by our ability to demonstrate awakened soul consciousness and live healthy, creatively functional lives.

Unenlightened people, because of lack of personal knowledge, almost always declare Self-realization to be difficult to experience and express. If we aspire to spiritual growth, and are wise, we will avoid being influenced by false opinions and misguided teachings. We will, instead, respond to our innate urge to soul unfoldment and follow its leading. What could be more natural for us than to awaken to our real, permanent, spiritual condition? What more honest act could we perform than to directly acknowledge that what we have long desired to become, we already are?

Why is realization of our true nature so commonly believed to be difficult to experience and express while also acknowledged to be of utmost value to us? The answer is evident in the human condition. Even though at the soul level we are inclined to transcendental awakenings, our inability to easily adjust our viewpoint from illusional concepts and emotional states to clear awareness of our real nature prevents us from having conscious experience of ourselves as free beings. It is normal for persons who are not yet fully awake to the truth to think of Self-realization as being beyond their power to apprehend and actualize.

Speak this positive affirmation:

I consciously respond to my innate urge to soul unfoldment and follow its leading to awaken to my real, permanent, spiritual condition.

Have a good day . . . and a great life!