Give Yourself Fully to the Process of Spiritual Growth

March 17, 2013

Your course of action is authentic when it facilitates your spiritual growth: soul unfoldment which provides Self-knowledge and realization of God which enables you to freely demonstrate your higher understanding. The path is not the destination—it is only the way. Adhere to it and let it support and assist you until you are fully, spiritually awake, then live a life of service. Some truth seekers begin the quest with good intentions, then become so enamored with the path that they forget its purpose. They settle for a small portion of mental peace and enjoyment of metaphysical studies (and, perhaps, the social satisfaction of keeping company with like-minded friends) and neglect to persist in their aspiration for realization of God. They may become skillful in their practices but forget the reason for their involvement. This will not happen to you if you clearly understand the process of spiritual growth and give yourself to it.

Speak this positive affirmation:

Always supported and assisted in all ways, I remain focused on my path of spiritual awakening and a life of service.

Have a good day . . . and a great life!