Develop A Spirit of Adventure, Reinforced by Courage

February 24. 2013

Daily practice of meditation is recommended for anyone who is reasonably healthy-minded and desirous of unfolding latent creativity and spirituality. Such a person is willing to allow useful changes to occur when necessary; and regular, right practice of meditation facilitates useful changes. As higher (clearer) states of consciousness are realized and actualized and psychological transformations occur, new ways of knowing ourselves, and of perceiving and relating to the world, are experienced. One who is resistant to the idea of useful changes may be distrustful of meditation. When this attitude prevails, one may consciously or unconsciously avoid compliance with recommended guidelines for practice of meditation and lifestyle adjustments in order to protect or preserve existing philosophical beliefs, personality traits, habitual modes of behavior, or established relationships which are deemed of value because of sympathetic attachment to them. A spirit of adventure, reinforced by courage to confront the unknown, is extremely helpful to us if we are to meditate effectively, grow spiritually, and live successfully.

Speak this positive affirmation:

With a spirit of adventure I courageously confront the unknown, meditate effectively, grow spiritually and live effectively.

Have a good day . . . and a great life!