The Eternal Way - Audio Book

The Eternal Way:
The Inner Meaning of the Bhagavad Gita

by Roy Eugene Davis
Read by Ron Lindahn

The Bhagavad Gita has inspired and nurtured millions of truth seekers for more than two thousand years. An examination of the inner meaning of the allegory reveals:
• how souls awaken from egocentric involvement with physical and psychological conditions to realizations of their pure-conscious nature:
• the obstacles to spiritual growth and how they may be overcome:
• the emergence of innate knowledge that purifies the mind and illumines consciousness.

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The Yoga of Discernment
of the Three Kinds of Faith

It is helpful to be aware of higher realities and to know how to practice meditation and contemplate the Infinite. It is also of practical value to know how to live effectively. In this chapter, guidelines supportive of total well-being are provided.

Faith, in the chapter title and in some of the verses, refers to respect or deferential regard for, to depend upon or trust, to sincerely believe to be productive of desired results.

31 minutes

The Yoga of Liberation
by Surrendered Renunciation

The first chapter of this drama introduced the theme and described the soul’s confusion about itself and its relationships and duties. In this final chapter, Arjuna (the now nearly enlightened soul) speaks twice. In the opening verse, inquiry is made about a subtle metaphysical point the soul needs to understand. As the dialogue ends, the soul affirms its now fully self-revealed knowledge and surrenders to its destiny.

40 minutes

41 minutes

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