The Eternal Way - Audio Book

The Eternal Way:
The Inner Meaning of the Bhagavad Gita

by Roy Eugene Davis
Read by Ron Lindahn

The Bhagavad Gita has inspired and nurtured millions of truth seekers for more than two thousand years. An examination of the inner meaning of the allegory reveals:
• how souls awaken from egocentric involvement with physical and psychological conditions to realizations of their pure-conscious nature:
• the obstacles to spiritual growth and how they may be overcome:
• the emergence of innate knowledge that purifies the mind and illumines consciousness.

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25 minutes

The Yoga of the Absolute Reality

The permanent, self-existing aspect of Consciousness is known as the Absolute because there is nothing beyond it. It cannot be comprehended by the mind because the mind is produced by the gunas or qualities of nature. Its reality can be intuitively apprehended and directly experienced.

29 minutes

The Yoga of Royal Wisdom
and Royal Mystery

The theme of the previous chapter is continued, with insightful explanation of higher realities and how the awakening soul can more fully know and realize them.

32 minutes

The Yoga of Divine Manifestations

More information about Supreme Consciousness and its various aspects and manifestations is now revealed to the soul as meditative contemplation continues.

30 minutes

The Yoga of Universal Revelation

The aspiring soul has been informed about the reality of the Absolute without name or form and is convinced of its supremacy. Now, not content with memories of partial cosmic conscious realizations as described in the preceding chapter, the soul yearns to know the many aspects of the one Being, Life, Power, and manifesting Substance of God.

31 minutes

The Yoga of Devotion

The awakened soul, now informed of basic philosophical principles and having had a glimpse of the boundless reality of God, further inquires about the most suitable approach to unfold innate potential and realize the Absolute Truth.

24 minutes

The Yoga of Discernment of the Field
of Actions and the Knower of the Field

In chapter one, the first verse announces that self-serving mental characteristics and tendencies are confronted by soul qualities and virtuous tendencies on “the field of righteousness-the field of unrighteousness.” Now, in chapter thirteen, the first words attributed to Krishna, the indwelling Spirit of God of every person, describe the body to be the field where spiritual growth occurs. In the physical realm, the body includes the astral and causal bodies, and the mind. Since spiritual growth can continue in astral and causal realms after the soul’s transition from the physical body, there, the astral or causal bodies would be designated as the field in which transformative processes and illumination of consciousness can occur.

41 minutes

The Yoga of Discernment
of the Qualities of Nature

It has already been explained that interactions of Spirit and nature cause individualization of souls and produce the universe. More specific details are now revealed to describe how the constituent qualities of nature regulate cosmic forces and influence soul awareness, personal behaviors, and circumstances. What are the gunas? How do they affect mental processes and states of consciousness? How does one become free from nature’s influences? What are some of the characteristics of a liberated soul? These questions are answered in this chapter.

26 minutes

The Yoga of the Supreme Reality

In this chapter, an explanation is given regarding the persistent, successive, flowing transformations and expressions of life (samsara) in the manifested field of nature and how to be removed from their actions. The inner message is that we are not to be passively fixated in conditioned self-conscious states only hoping for salvation; we are to use our powers of intellectual discernment to see through and beyond the surface level of ever-changing appearances and awaken to knowledge and experience of the changeless Reality which is their cause.

23 minutes

The Yoga of Discernment Between
the Higher and Lower Natures

More information about the human condition is now revealed so that the devotee might choose the higher way.

13 minutes